Perfect Time At Bed Needs the Perfect Technique

They only decorate when there is a bare Christmas tree in their living room. Most men are terrible bruises. They are bad in bed. And the amount of sex they have is especially related to the amount of desperate women in their environment.

They only decorate when there is a bare Christmas tree in their living room.

If you are such a man:

Then grab yourself with your balls, sit down and read our step-by-step plan below.

And after that? Go to a pub or disco, and make your women so happy that it looks like you have a screaming kitchen maid in your bed.


Even if you are afraid of women, there is a solution.Following the steps is the road to success

What now?

You follow my step-by-step plan, now.

Here it comes:

Step 1:Understand what every woman dreams of

Have you ever read a book from the Bouquet series or a doctor’s novel?

If so, then I think you are a genius guy. Not because it is high-quality literature. But because that shit teaches you a lot about where the asian hot girls get excited.

Are you a brave dodo and have you tried 50 Shades of Gray?

Kudos! You deserve a statue in the hall of fame. Just look at the sales figures of this monster of a book:As you can see, that dredger is doing quite well.

Strong Men, Men with Power, Men Who Enchant Them, Which Are Exciting.

Note that women do not fantasize about 1 or other fool in a Fiat Panda. He comes home from his boring job as an official at 5 o’clock. Who gives her a kiss on her cheek and asks what they eat tonight.

If you want to have a wife in bed, you will have to look more like Christian Gray than your forty-year-old neighbor in his Fiat Panda and with his plaid shirt.

What made the difference in our conquests after years of research?

  • When we started this work, we did not know exactly what to do. It was woman for woman, bit by bit.
  • But after a number of years our numbers exploded. Tim now invariably takes a chick home every night he goes out.

How it comes?

  • We understood better what a woman is looking for if she wants to go to bed with a man:
  • The combination of bad boy and sweet man
  • Women love Christian Gray for more than his good looks.

Make sure she does not bite at you

Some decorating companies teach men to play a role that they are not. Instead of giving them some lessons in what women really want .You do not have to hang out 1 or other James Bond to make sure that she finds you strong.You just do not have to behave so weak that the natural difference in power between you is undone.

The best swinger sites to find local swingers

I’ve been using many swinger dating sites to meet swinger singles. I have always been in the swing lifestyle, so when I heard good things I signed up. I started talking to and interacting with members almost immediately. You’re presented with multiple ways to meet swingers near you, whether it’s through a house party or swingers club.
You should see my calendar! My weekends are planned for weeks at different clubs and parties I found through SwingersSites. The best part is the experiences. I’m one that’s up for whatever, and my wife is a little kinky herself. We’ve seen groups of 30, more intimate groups of 5, soft swapping and full swapping. Every couple and group we meet are into different things, and we’re into different things than them, so we combine forces which is mutually beneficial for all of us.

We’re learning new things, experiencing ways in which we climax like we never have before, and meeting some pretty great people. We’re in Delaware, but have hooked up with new friends from Philadelphia, Baltimore, Washington DC and Virginia.

Even in the local area, we’re seeing more parties and finding new clubs thanks to Swinger Social. My wife and I walked into a club we found here, The Private Affair, and took full advantage of being the “new kids on the block.”
This gorgeous blonde, Lauren, walked up to us at the bar in the club, and wanted to fuck us both. She had this sly smirk and twinkle in her eye that made me intrigued. She leaned down and started biting my ear, shoving her hand in my crotch. She grabbed my cock and led us to a private room in the club. She knew what she wanted, and she began playing with my wife, glancing at me out of the corner of her eye. Soon, they were hungry for me, sharing me in their mouths. Then I was pushed on my back and she sat on my face while she sucked my cock.
We went onto the open floor and groups and couples were fucking all around us. Lauren guided me inside her doggie style and leaned against the pole. My wife veered off toward another man, but that was okay with me. I fucked Lauren as hard and long as I could until I exploded. That’s what top 5 swinger dating sites are all about.

Best Places to find a threesome

Having a threesome with swinger couples or singles is exciting. Now days, huge number of people especially bisexual people and couples not only find one partner for bisexual dating, but also look for third one of couples for threesome relationship. Therefore, needs for threesome clubs or online threesome websites are are growing rapidly. To cater to threesome finders’ demands, there are some clubs and threesome sites are available for bisexual people who are seeking threesome. If you are a bisexual single and wan to find a threesome, here are some places for you to select below:

1. Threesome clubs

Threesome club is a one great place in real life for singles and couples to find a threesome. If you are a threesome finder, you may know here are some threesome clubs in real life. However, unlike restaurants, a threesome club is not open in public, they are only welcome bisexual people or bi couple who are looking for threesome. After find a threesome club, you need know some manners and respect your threesome partners.

2. Swinger clubs

Swinger club is another nice choice for threesome finders and swinger finders. Some swingers are also interested in threesome, if you are one swinger or bisexual single, swinger club or party is the place for you. Unlike in threesome clubs, before you find a swinger, you need know of she or he is interested in having a threesome.

3. Online threesome websites

It is not really easy for bisexual people to find a threesome offline, unless they have enough resource about threesome clubs or swinger clubs. Even so, some bisexual singles find it not safe when having a threesome, they are not sure if their threesome partners are living with STDs or not. They do not know their basic information.

So, hundreds and thousands of bisexual singles and bi couples prefer to find a threesome online. Some reputable threesome websites offer excellent features and service to help threesome finders enjoy threesome dating safely and effectively. In some safe and effective threesome websites, all members’ profiles and photos are checked by admins, if their information is true their profiled will be approved, otherwise, they will be blocked or banned. Verification is one feature which facilitates threesome finders prove they are real.

What’s more, threesome websites offer a great number of bisexual members for users to find and meet, bisexual people can get more choice and chances to find a threesome partner. Meanwhile, joining a threesome dating site is always free for all bisexual singles and bi couples. Bisexual people can make full use of basic features to find a ideal partner without charge. If you want to start chatting with a potential threesome partner, you just need upgrade your membership which costs little money. Everyone can afford it.

Are you one bisexual single looking for threesome? Check the review of 3some websites and select the most suitable threesome dating site to find a threesome now.

Become a Male Escort and Finally Become Financially Independent

Com’on. You’re smart, you’re funny, you’re charming, and you’re gorgeous. Time to stop sharing a flat with your best mate,  or *shudder* mother, and get out there. Become a male escort and realize the freedom of being financially independent.

The world of male escorting is becoming a more realistic, and gainful, employment opportunity. As women are becoming more empowered in the workplace, and the bedroom, there becomes a growing need for industry experts in the pleasing department. Becoming a male escort isn’t difficult- as long as you’ve got the right stuff. The right guy can expect to make well over what most would consider a comfortable salary and make their own hours and schedule. The job comes with a number of perks, that aren’t just sex. We spoke to a representative at about just what it takes to become a male escort . Think you can make the cut?


How to become a male escort

There are multiple ways to become a male escort, however the two best are going through an agency or trying your luck as an independent .


  • Agency
    • Going through an agency is the most promising route for most newbies. Going through an agency allows you to reach contacts right away through the agencies website. The right agency will vet clients for you, so you don’t have to take the time to do the sniffing around yourself, and will ensure your safety, should you get burned. Agencies also have large lists of clients and usually a great marketing campaign, so people in search of escorts already know to go through them. They also have the means to put you into contact with work peers, should you need a point of contact, or just someone who understands the business. Some agencies just host a profile, leaving you to be able to control your own clientele base. Going the agency route early on works especially well if you’re looking to become a straight male escort, as the type of woman who looks for, and can afford, a male escort doesn’t usually hit up craigslist.


  • Independent
    • If you’re looking to go the solo route, expect business to be a slow build. Becoming a male escort on your own can be really hard work, but can also be really rewarding. Creating a public profile for yourself is massively important, as well as ensuring that your web presence is perfectly on point. Ensure your personal website looks just as classy, professional, and sexy as you are. Make sure that you’re aware of the type of clients you’re looking for and the type of clients you’re suited for before you hit up the information highway. An engaging and enticing biography is a must. You only get one chance to make a first impression, and it doesn’t start when your appointment does. Consider hiring a professional photographer and a web designer/developer. The start up costs associated with being independent tend to be a bit more than those associated with going with an agency- but hey!- you gotta spend money to make money.


Who you are

Race, age, looks, ethnicity, and even background are rarely automatic disqualifiers in becoming a male escort. To become a male escort you have to be the right kind of person as a whole.


  • Charismatic
    • Yes, this absolutely is our number one. Good looking is important, but charisma is everything. If awkward silences and making people feel uncomfortable are your schtick, then we suggest sticking to your day job. A male escort needs to be a really engaging person, in many different ways. More than just being able to hold a conversation, a good male escort will know how to listen and respond appropriately, to both people and situations. Knowing how to read people and situations is paramount, not only for your client, but for you as well. Being able to tell from facial cues, body language, and vibes as to whether it’s time to get it on or get out is important for your safety and your money. Being in tune with clients and giving them exactly what they’re looking for without hassle could mean regulars. Returning customers are a great source of income, allowing you to build a trust relationship, which will make it even easier for you to provide a great experience.


  • Discreet
    • Being a great male escort isn’t just about being really good at sneaking around, it also means that you have to be discreet with your own life as well as the clients. Respecting boundaries is phenomenally important in the escorting biz. You have to know how to walk the line between gracious host and lover, and phantom stranger. Knowing what experiences your client is looking for will help, but you have to be able to indulge your clients while still keeping a professional platform. Understanding that while you and your client are being incredibly intimate, when your time is done, so are you.


  • Good Looking
    • Inside and out. Escorts don’t have to be greek gods, but you do have to be good looking. Your physical appearance is your first interview with potential clients, your inner Adonis is the second. The second interview starts from your first chat – either over email or the phone. Here, clients won’t be able to talk with you face to face, so it becomes even more important that your empathy, kindness, respect, and intuition are looking their best.  This is the point where potential clients will essentially decide if you’re exactly what they’re looking for, or if they move on to the next candidate. Take good care of your body, skin, and wardrobe, as well as your mind. Make sure that it is plainly obvious that you are as excited about spending time with clients as they are with you. Your appearance, muscle tone, posture, wardrobe, hair – everything- has to be perfect. Looking good goes so much deeper than just your face. Looking healthy and expensive will show clients that you have a great deal of respect for yourself, and subsequently, them.


  • Easy going
    • Sex can be a really touchy subject for some people. Some of your clients may need you to help them work through, or experience, complicated fantasies that they don’t feel comfortable seeking outlets for elsewhere. Most women who seek the support of escorts are extremely busy, some juggle family life as well as a corporate one. Many are used to dealing with frustrating and emotionally exhausting situations on the daily, so you have to make sure that you won’t be just another bee in their bonnet. No matter how carefully an appointment is planned, things can still go haywire. Being able to accept these little bumps in the road with class and grace will see you more clients and more money in your pocket.


  • All about the job
    • To become a male escort, you have to understand that it can be extremely difficult to juggle gigolo with personal life. Having relationships can be incredibly difficult for most people, as well as being able to be open and honest with friends and family members about what it is you do. It’s not by any means impossible, but there will definitely be people who may not really understand the services that you actually provide as a male escort. For some male escorts, the job fits perfectly into their present life. For others, it’s a great way to earn supplemental income occasionally.


What you do

To be a successful male escort, you have to be much more than just a pretty face. Becoming a male escort involves quite a bit more work than just hitting the gym and getting a mani/pedi/wax sesh in, because sometimes, it’s not just about the sex.


  • Socialize
    • Accompanying a client to work functions or specific events can be a big part of the job. You’ll need to play well with others and be able to follow the cues of your clients. Knowing how to blend in to the crowd while still being attentive and present can be one of the most harrowing pitfalls of the job. To become a male escort, you have to be memorable for your clients, and pleasantly forgettable to everyone else.


  • Be Chivalrous
    • Whether your client loves to be the sub behind bedroom doors, or is looking for something a little less racey, it’s absolutely important to be able to employ constant empathy for your clients needs and desires. Listening to them when they talk, opening doors, showing them a good time in the city, banging them while their partners watch – all clients want different experiences and it’s important to be able to give them what they’re looking for. Being a chauvinist or self-absorbed really isn’t on most clients “needs” lists. At the end of the day you have to remember that they are paying for your time and consideration.


  • Be Professional
    • Being a professional seems like a ‘duh’ statement, but it may be more intricate than you’d think. Knowing how to find out if you’re a good fit for a client is supercritical, especial after you first become a male escort. Jumping at every client just because that is what will bring home the bacon is poor form. Knowing what is on your menu and who best to serve it to is tantamount to getting, and keeping, clients. Most clients find it easier to be real with escorts, as there is less fear of judgement from people they don’t know. This comes with a huge amount of responsibility, as they are making themselves, and their most intimate desires, completely vulnerable to the escort. Never kiss and tell, even if the story seems absolutely insane. Never judge, as your clients probably have more than enough of that in their own lives. Above all know and build your brand. Don’t do anything you’re uncomfortable with because your client will be able to tell.


Oh yea, and last thing – be really good in bed. If you’re charming, kind, and really listen to your clients and their needs, that part needs no explanation and will come naturally. Congrats! You now know exactly how to become a male escort, go get ‘em champ!

Escorts in Lisbon Tell Some of Their Best Client Stories

Speak to the vast majority of escorts in Lisbon and they’ll probably tell you most of their clients and meetings in general are rather mundane. Contrary to popular belief, the average person who seeks the services of escorts isn’t a sexual deviant on the lookout for something bizarre. In fact, most are married men, business travellers and bog-standard normal people looking for a good time.

Still, working as a Lisbon escort inherently means occasionally coming across a bona-fide weirdo. Or at least, the occasional request for something even an experienced escort hasn’t encountered before. Some cross the line, while others set entirely new standards in terms of ‘are you serious’?

So for anyone under the impression their own sexual preferences and fantasies are a little on the weird side, check out the following accounts from escorts in Lisbon, detailing some of their most unexpected and memorable requests:

  1. I’ve dealt with a lot of clients with mommy issues who insist on calling me mommy at least once or twice during the meeting. But I’ve only once been with a client who for some reason wanted me to call him mommy. He actually got pretty grumpy if I called him anything else. I didn’t ask him for his reasons, I just called him mommy like he requested and he got off on it. The only problem being I can’t hear that word now without thinking of him!

2.Playing dress-up is all part of the job and I usually enjoy it. I thought I’d seen it all, but nothing could have prepared me for the guy I visited in a seriously swanky penthouse, who happened to have a Tigger costume waiting for me.As in Tigger…from the cartoon. He wanted me to put it on and bounce around the place while he jerked off. It hadn’t been arranged in advance and I do have my dignity, so I left.

  1. You’d be surprised how many guys are into spanking. Not sure where the attraction lies – I personally hate it, but I’m happy to do it anyway. Testicle slapping was something I’d never expected. One guy basically wanted me to punish the shit out of his balls for no apparent reason until tears were streaming down his face. He seemed to enjoy it, but so far that’s the only meeting I’ve ever walked out of where I felt genuinely quite guilty…poor guy!

4. If I had a dollar for every time a client has asked to pee or poop on me, I’d have precisely $5. It doesn’t happen often, but when it does, that’s the end of the session and you can forget about a refund. I always make it clear where I draw the line and if guys get carried away with what they want, they can kiss my ass goodbye. Seriously though, what’s wrong with some people? How is poop sexy? Ugh…

  1. The guys that make me laugh most are those that seem all shy and retiring, then turn into absolute freaks when things get going. I had one guy who insisted on spending the night on all fours and kept begging me to shove the heel of my shoe into his butthole. I was wearing my favourite shoes at the time and they don’t make condoms to fit stiletto heels, so he was shit out of luck! I’ll never forget that conversion – totally hilarious!
  2. Clients quite often bring photos of people they’re into – celebrities, ex-girlfriends etc. – and ask you to dress up and act like them. Which I don’t mind doing, but I like to ask for a bit of back story before I get into character…if you can call it that. I asked one guy about the girl in the photos and it turned out he had no idea who she was. He just had a thing for her. The photos had been taken without her permission through a powerful lens and he’d been spending way too much time looking in the dark and watching her in secret. That was the end of that one. Creepy.

7.I know some people are into it, but requests to see me specifically on the heaviest day of my period? That’s just about as gross as it gets. You wouldn’t believe how much money I’d been offered to let guys do things to me at the worst possible time of the month. All the money in the world couldn’t convince me to do it. Each to his own, but no chance.

  1. Pain and pleasure go hand in hand, so I’m never too surprised when clients ask me to get a little rough with them. I’m happy to go along with it, to a sensible extent at least. There was this one time when the man I met – away for business, not that that’s relevant – brought out a tub of pins and asked if I’d be kind enough to stick them in his skin. About 100 of them. For the sake of my own health and hygiene, I told him exactly where he could shove his pins. I’m fine to go along with a lot of request, but not when they involve potentially profuse bleeding.
  2. I still have no idea why silence was the thing that got him off. I walked in and he greeted me with a finger to his lips and a piece of paper demanding silence. As in total silence.Even during sex, he was adamant that even the slightest sound from me or from anything else in the room was a huge turn-off. He even got pissed-off when the bed squeaked. It was a bit like sleeping with a mime…which isn’t something I’d like to do again.

10. Ever had sex with a guy who cried like a baby from start to finish? I have…and the worst part is he came back for more! I felt too guilty to refuse a second meeting as everything apart from the sex was quite pleasant. But once again, the second we hit the springs he burst into tears and bawled his eyes out LOUDLY from start to finish. As far as turnoffs go, it turns our crying is a big one for me!

List of The Best Sex Toys for Men

Mention the idea of sex toys for men to most people and you can expect more than a few raised eyebrows. Even in an era of sexual liberation and comprehensive open mindedness, sex toys continue to be primarily associated with women. Indeed, the vast majority of sex toys and gadgets sold worldwide are designed primarily or exclusively for female users.

Slowly but surely however, things are beginning to change. Not only are more men than ever before experimenting with sex toys, but the male sex toy market is also growing and evolving at record-pace. It’s never been easier to pick up the kinds of weird and wonderful gadgets that can transform mundane masturbation into the most mind-blowing experience imaginable.

And of course, bringing sex toys for men into the bedroom as one half of a couple can spice things up no end.

The question being – where to start?

If entirely new to the concept of sex toys for men, it can be difficult to make sense of the available options. Particularly considering how there are literally millions of wacky gadgets to choose from.

So to help make the process at least a little easier, we thought we’d share a brief roundup of some of the best male sex toys on the market right now. Try your hand (and the rest of your body) with the following and good times are guaranteed:

1) Autoblow 2+

First up, the Autoblow 2+ may be rather on the expensive side, but what it delivers in terms of performance and satisfaction really is off the scale. This is basically the market’s most advanced and capable robotic blowjob machine, which has been designed to faithfully recreate the real thing at the touch of a button. All you have to do is position it accordingly, activate the motor and let it do the work on your behalf. Pricey it may be, but the Autoblow 2+ is the kind of gadget that’s guaranteed to transform the way you masturbate for the rest of your life. A fantastic hands-free experience that’s worth its weight in gold.

2) The Fleshlight

It’s pretty safe to say that if there’s one male sex toy you’ve already heard of, it’s the iconic Fleshlight. The single most popular male sex toy in the history of the industry, the Fleshlight has been designed to stimulate pretty much any orifice of any shape and size imaginable. Initially launched with just a couple of rudimentary designs available, there’s a spectacular variety of different Fleshlight designs to choose from today. What’s more, the quality of the materials – and therefore the resulting experience – has also been stepped up like never before. Once again, this is the kind of gadget you try once and become pretty much dependent on. There’s also the truly epic Fleshlight Launch, which more than justifies its $199 price tag.

3) Poppers

Definitely not a product to get carried away with, poppers can nonetheless bring about the kind of euphoria that’s beyond belief. Though traditionally associated with anal sex and homosexual communities in general, poppers can intensify just about any sexual experience across the board. Even if flying solo, a quick whiff of poppers at the right time brings on the kind of rush that’s impossible to put into words. Once again however, as poppers have the potential to trigger some pretty nasty side-effects when hit too hard, enjoy responsibly.

4) Tantus Perfect Plug

The time has come for men worldwide to accept and acknowledge the enjoyment of pleasure of the humble buttplug. Anyone looking to explore this particular product range for the first time should definitely check out the Tantus Perfect Plug. Along with being manufactured from the highest quality materials, it’s also the perfect size and shape for curious yet cautious newcomers. It’s also designed to make it borderline impossible to insert it too far and leave yourself with some unfortunate digging to do. Tons of fun and an absolute bargain.

5) Boy Butter Lubrication

Pretty much every sex toy and sexual experience across the board can be enhanced massively with a generous dose of lube. If looking to arm yourself with the best lube money can buy, Boy Butter is just about as good as it gets.  The company designs and sells one of the most extensive ranges of high-quality lubricants on the market, including a handy desensitizing option for guys looking to last a little longer. Also incredibly cheap, considering the quality.

6) Perfect Fit Play Zone Kit

Just as is the case with buttplugs, the time has also come for men to explore the wonderful world of cock rings. Cock rings exist to strengthen erections, make men last longer in bed and intensify the entire experience from start to finish. It’s simply a case of investing in a premium-quality example that’s guaranteed to fit you like a glove…so to speak. The Perfect Fit Play Zone Kit may be one of the more expensive options on the market, but it is also one of the best by far.  Comprehensively adjustable and incredibly comfortable to wear, it’s pretty much the best and only cock ring you’re ever likely to need – whatever your shape and size.

7) Jimmyjane Hello Touch X

Last but not least, this interesting little device combines classic vibration with electrostatic stimulation. Even if this sounds a little on the scary side, it’s actually nothing of the thought. Jimmyjane’s Hello Touch X is one of the most impressive pieces of technology to join the male sex toy market in some time.  At its heart, you’re basically looking at a safe and gentle introduction to the world of controlled electric shocks for pure pleasure purposes. Unlike the kinds of electric shocks that are simply awful, this administers the most incredible impulses that can transform solo and joint-effort sexual encounters alike.