Perfect Time At Bed Needs the Perfect Technique

They only decorate when there is a bare Christmas tree in their living room. Most men are terrible bruises. They are bad in bed. And the amount of sex they have is especially related to the amount of desperate women in their environment.

They only decorate when there is a bare Christmas tree in their living room.

If you are such a man:

Then grab yourself with your balls, sit down and read our step-by-step plan below.

And after that? Go to a pub or disco, and make your women so happy that it looks like you have a screaming kitchen maid in your bed.


Even if you are afraid of women, there is a solution.Following the steps is the road to success

What now?

You follow my step-by-step plan, now.

Here it comes:

Step 1:Understand what every woman dreams of

Have you ever read a book from the Bouquet series or a doctor’s novel?

If so, then I think you are a genius guy. Not because it is high-quality literature. But because that shit teaches you a lot about where the asian hot girls get excited.

Are you a brave dodo and have you tried 50 Shades of Gray?

Kudos! You deserve a statue in the hall of fame. Just look at the sales figures of this monster of a book:As you can see, that dredger is doing quite well.

Strong Men, Men with Power, Men Who Enchant Them, Which Are Exciting.

Note that women do not fantasize about 1 or other fool in a Fiat Panda. He comes home from his boring job as an official at 5 o’clock. Who gives her a kiss on her cheek and asks what they eat tonight.

If you want to have a wife in bed, you will have to look more like Christian Gray than your forty-year-old neighbor in his Fiat Panda and with his plaid shirt.

What made the difference in our conquests after years of research?

  • When we started this work, we did not know exactly what to do. It was woman for woman, bit by bit.
  • But after a number of years our numbers exploded. Tim now invariably takes a chick home every night he goes out.

How it comes?

  • We understood better what a woman is looking for if she wants to go to bed with a man:
  • The combination of bad boy and sweet man
  • Women love Christian Gray for more than his good looks.

Make sure she does not bite at you

Some decorating companies teach men to play a role that they are not. Instead of giving them some lessons in what women really want .You do not have to hang out 1 or other James Bond to make sure that she finds you strong.You just do not have to behave so weak that the natural difference in power between you is undone.

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