Escorts in Lisbon Tell Some of Their Best Client Stories

Speak to the vast majority of escorts in Lisbon and they’ll probably tell you most of their clients and meetings in general are rather mundane. Contrary to popular belief, the average person who seeks the services of escorts isn’t a sexual deviant on the lookout for something bizarre. In fact, most are married men, business travellers and bog-standard normal people looking for a good time.

Still, working as a Lisbon escort inherently means occasionally coming across a bona-fide weirdo. Or at least, the occasional request for something even an experienced escort hasn’t encountered before. Some cross the line, while others set entirely new standards in terms of ‘are you serious’?

So for anyone under the impression their own sexual preferences and fantasies are a little on the weird side, check out the following accounts from escorts in Lisbon, detailing some of their most unexpected and memorable requests:

  1. I’ve dealt with a lot of clients with mommy issues who insist on calling me mommy at least once or twice during the meeting. But I’ve only once been with a client who for some reason wanted me to call him mommy. He actually got pretty grumpy if I called him anything else. I didn’t ask him for his reasons, I just called him mommy like he requested and he got off on it. The only problem being I can’t hear that word now without thinking of him!

2.Playing dress-up is all part of the job and I usually enjoy it. I thought I’d seen it all, but nothing could have prepared me for the guy I visited in a seriously swanky penthouse, who happened to have a Tigger costume waiting for me.As in Tigger…from the cartoon. He wanted me to put it on and bounce around the place while he jerked off. It hadn’t been arranged in advance and I do have my dignity, so I left.

  1. You’d be surprised how many guys are into spanking. Not sure where the attraction lies – I personally hate it, but I’m happy to do it anyway. Testicle slapping was something I’d never expected. One guy basically wanted me to punish the shit out of his balls for no apparent reason until tears were streaming down his face. He seemed to enjoy it, but so far that’s the only meeting I’ve ever walked out of where I felt genuinely quite guilty…poor guy!

4. If I had a dollar for every time a client has asked to pee or poop on me, I’d have precisely $5. It doesn’t happen often, but when it does, that’s the end of the session and you can forget about a refund. I always make it clear where I draw the line and if guys get carried away with what they want, they can kiss my ass goodbye. Seriously though, what’s wrong with some people? How is poop sexy? Ugh…

  1. The guys that make me laugh most are those that seem all shy and retiring, then turn into absolute freaks when things get going. I had one guy who insisted on spending the night on all fours and kept begging me to shove the heel of my shoe into his butthole. I was wearing my favourite shoes at the time and they don’t make condoms to fit stiletto heels, so he was shit out of luck! I’ll never forget that conversion – totally hilarious!
  2. Clients quite often bring photos of people they’re into – celebrities, ex-girlfriends etc. – and ask you to dress up and act like them. Which I don’t mind doing, but I like to ask for a bit of back story before I get into character…if you can call it that. I asked one guy about the girl in the photos and it turned out he had no idea who she was. He just had a thing for her. The photos had been taken without her permission through a powerful lens and he’d been spending way too much time looking in the dark and watching her in secret. That was the end of that one. Creepy.

7.I know some people are into it, but requests to see me specifically on the heaviest day of my period? That’s just about as gross as it gets. You wouldn’t believe how much money I’d been offered to let guys do things to me at the worst possible time of the month. All the money in the world couldn’t convince me to do it. Each to his own, but no chance.

  1. Pain and pleasure go hand in hand, so I’m never too surprised when clients ask me to get a little rough with them. I’m happy to go along with it, to a sensible extent at least. There was this one time when the man I met – away for business, not that that’s relevant – brought out a tub of pins and asked if I’d be kind enough to stick them in his skin. About 100 of them. For the sake of my own health and hygiene, I told him exactly where he could shove his pins. I’m fine to go along with a lot of request, but not when they involve potentially profuse bleeding.
  2. I still have no idea why silence was the thing that got him off. I walked in and he greeted me with a finger to his lips and a piece of paper demanding silence. As in total silence.Even during sex, he was adamant that even the slightest sound from me or from anything else in the room was a huge turn-off. He even got pissed-off when the bed squeaked. It was a bit like sleeping with a mime…which isn’t something I’d like to do again.

10. Ever had sex with a guy who cried like a baby from start to finish? I have…and the worst part is he came back for more! I felt too guilty to refuse a second meeting as everything apart from the sex was quite pleasant. But once again, the second we hit the springs he burst into tears and bawled his eyes out LOUDLY from start to finish. As far as turnoffs go, it turns our crying is a big one for me!

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