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List of The Best Sex Toys for Men

Mention the idea of sex toys for men to most people and you can expect more than a few raised eyebrows. Even in an era of sexual liberation and comprehensive open mindedness, sex toys continue to be primarily associated with women. Indeed, the vast majority of sex toys and gadgets sold worldwide are designed primarily or exclusively for female users.

Slowly but surely however, things are beginning to change. Not only are more men than ever before experimenting with sex toys, but the male sex toy market is also growing and evolving at record-pace. It’s never been easier to pick up the kinds of weird and wonderful gadgets that can transform mundane masturbation into the most mind-blowing experience imaginable.

And of course, bringing sex toys for men into the bedroom as one half of a couple can spice things up no end.

The question being – where to start?

If entirely new to the concept of sex toys for men, it can be difficult to make sense of the available options. Particularly considering how there are literally millions of wacky gadgets to choose from.

So to help make the process at least a little easier, we thought we’d share a brief roundup of some of the best male sex toys on the market right now. Try your hand (and the rest of your body) with the following and good times are guaranteed:

1) Autoblow 2+

First up, the Autoblow 2+ may be rather on the expensive side, but what it delivers in terms of performance and satisfaction really is off the scale. This is basically the market’s most advanced and capable robotic blowjob machine, which has been designed to faithfully recreate the real thing at the touch of a button. All you have to do is position it accordingly, activate the motor and let it do the work on your behalf. Pricey it may be, but the Autoblow 2+ is the kind of gadget that’s guaranteed to transform the way you masturbate for the rest of your life. A fantastic hands-free experience that’s worth its weight in gold.

2) The Fleshlight

It’s pretty safe to say that if there’s one male sex toy you’ve already heard of, it’s the iconic Fleshlight. The single most popular male sex toy in the history of the industry, the Fleshlight has been designed to stimulate pretty much any orifice of any shape and size imaginable. Initially launched with just a couple of rudimentary designs available, there’s a spectacular variety of different Fleshlight designs to choose from today. What’s more, the quality of the materials – and therefore the resulting experience – has also been stepped up like never before. Once again, this is the kind of gadget you try once and become pretty much dependent on. There’s also the truly epic Fleshlight Launch, which more than justifies its $199 price tag.

3) Poppers

Definitely not a product to get carried away with, poppers can nonetheless bring about the kind of euphoria that’s beyond belief. Though traditionally associated with anal sex and homosexual communities in general, poppers can intensify just about any sexual experience across the board. Even if flying solo, a quick whiff of poppers at the right time brings on the kind of rush that’s impossible to put into words. Once again however, as poppers have the potential to trigger some pretty nasty side-effects when hit too hard, enjoy responsibly.

4) Tantus Perfect Plug

The time has come for men worldwide to accept and acknowledge the enjoyment of pleasure of the humble buttplug. Anyone looking to explore this particular product range for the first time should definitely check out the Tantus Perfect Plug. Along with being manufactured from the highest quality materials, it’s also the perfect size and shape for curious yet cautious newcomers. It’s also designed to make it borderline impossible to insert it too far and leave yourself with some unfortunate digging to do. Tons of fun and an absolute bargain.

5) Boy Butter Lubrication

Pretty much every sex toy and sexual experience across the board can be enhanced massively with a generous dose of lube. If looking to arm yourself with the best lube money can buy, Boy Butter is just about as good as it gets.  The company designs and sells one of the most extensive ranges of high-quality lubricants on the market, including a handy desensitizing option for guys looking to last a little longer. Also incredibly cheap, considering the quality.

6) Perfect Fit Play Zone Kit

Just as is the case with buttplugs, the time has also come for men to explore the wonderful world of cock rings. Cock rings exist to strengthen erections, make men last longer in bed and intensify the entire experience from start to finish. It’s simply a case of investing in a premium-quality example that’s guaranteed to fit you like a glove…so to speak. The Perfect Fit Play Zone Kit may be one of the more expensive options on the market, but it is also one of the best by far.  Comprehensively adjustable and incredibly comfortable to wear, it’s pretty much the best and only cock ring you’re ever likely to need – whatever your shape and size.

7) Jimmyjane Hello Touch X

Last but not least, this interesting little device combines classic vibration with electrostatic stimulation. Even if this sounds a little on the scary side, it’s actually nothing of the thought. Jimmyjane’s Hello Touch X is one of the most impressive pieces of technology to join the male sex toy market in some time.  At its heart, you’re basically looking at a safe and gentle introduction to the world of controlled electric shocks for pure pleasure purposes. Unlike the kinds of electric shocks that are simply awful, this administers the most incredible impulses that can transform solo and joint-effort sexual encounters alike.