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The best swinger sites to find local swingers

I’ve been using many swinger dating sites to meet swinger singles. I have always been in the swing lifestyle, so when I heard good things I signed up. I started talking to and interacting with members almost immediately. You’re presented with multiple ways to meet swingers near you, whether it’s through a house party or swingers club.
You should see my calendar! My weekends are planned for weeks at different clubs and parties I found through SwingersSites. The best part is the experiences. I’m one that’s up for whatever, and my wife is a little kinky herself. We’ve seen groups of 30, more intimate groups of 5, soft swapping and full swapping. Every couple and group we meet are into different things, and we’re into different things than them, so we combine forces which is mutually beneficial for all of us.

We’re learning new things, experiencing ways in which we climax like we never have before, and meeting some pretty great people. We’re in Delaware, but have hooked up with new friends from Philadelphia, Baltimore, Washington DC and Virginia.

Even in the local area, we’re seeing more parties and finding new clubs thanks to Swinger Social. My wife and I walked into a club we found here, The Private Affair, and took full advantage of being the “new kids on the block.”
This gorgeous blonde, Lauren, walked up to us at the bar in the club, and wanted to fuck us both. She had this sly smirk and twinkle in her eye that made me intrigued. She leaned down and started biting my ear, shoving her hand in my crotch. She grabbed my cock and led us to a private room in the club. She knew what she wanted, and she began playing with my wife, glancing at me out of the corner of her eye. Soon, they were hungry for me, sharing me in their mouths. Then I was pushed on my back and she sat on my face while she sucked my cock.
We went onto the open floor and groups and couples were fucking all around us. Lauren guided me inside her doggie style and leaned against the pole. My wife veered off toward another man, but that was okay with me. I fucked Lauren as hard and long as I could until I exploded. That’s what top 5 swinger dating sites are all about.